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Leonard A. Levy - Vincent J. Htherington
Formato: 21 X 29,7
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This 2nd edition of 'Principles and Practice of Podiatric Medicine', has taken on the major task, of providing within one volume, a comprehensive collection of information, ranging from the applied anatomy of the foot and ankle, to the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases and disorders.The dimensions of the contents of this publication are immense. It consists of 1,516 pages, which includes 1,400 figures and tables, with specialist sections by 70 contributors, and a Table of Contents numbering 55, all supported by very explicit text. Although, I would mention that it is rather disappointing that all the illustrations are in black and white and many times not always clear. It would have been much better for the illustrations to be in colour making them much more vivid.New chapters have been introduced and others markedly expanded with initiatives, to assure the contemporary nature of the text. The focus of the book is on conditions intrinsic to the foot and ankle, as well as multi-system conditions that have significant manifestation in the lower limb. Prominence has been allocated to the speciality of the ageing of the population, the continued increase in the dilemma of chronic disease such as the epidemic of diabetes, and the influence this will have on podiatric medical practice, both private and NHS for years to come.There is major attention placed on understanding common signs and symptoms experienced by patients and the practitioner who must resolve these problematic causes.The following topics are just a sample of contents taken from 55 listed in the comprehensive list of contents. They give a clear indication of the energy, initiatives and updating of clinical procedures, research and development that have been applied since the 1st edition. Podiatric Radiology. Pathomechanics of Common Foot Problems. Haematopoietic Tumours of the Lower Extremity. The Pediatric Patient. The Handicapped and Disabled Podiatric Patient. Behavioural Medicine. The Plague of HIV/Aids: Role of Podiatric Medicine. Orthodigita Techniques. Basic Concepts of Rehabilitation. Introduction to Anaesthesiology for Podiatric Medicine.It reflects the geometric expansion in both technology and biomedical science that has increased the ability of practitioners to provide diagnostic and therapeutic approaches, that did not previously exist. I can well understand that this has been a long awaited 2nd edition of this vast publication.It is a major, one-stop reference that offers the most up-to-date information, not only on the more familiar grounds of chiropodial/podiatric medicine, but its wide-reaching scope encompasses major issues of advanced areas of treatments, surgical procedures, rehabilitation, tumours affecting the lower extremities and foot and ankle disorders. The book also offers insight into associated areas like behavioural medicine and alternative therapies.It is very evident that a great deal of updating has been necessary to establish this phenomenon as applied to the practice of podiatric medicine.The immense size of the text, allows for expansion in the categories of pathology, biomechanics of human locomotion, the pediatric aspects of podiatric medicine, epidemic of diabetes and in the responsibilities of HIV/AIDS.The overall combination of theory and practice, is in a manner, that makes it especially useful for the podiatric medical student at all levels of their education and training, together with other health professionals, engaged in training in specialities related to podiatric medicine, as well as the podiatric physician.Included in the text are discussions that focus on pathophysiology and biomechanics to determine both normal and abnormal conclusions and principle-based approaches to therapeutics, both medically and surgically.This text book of two volumes, is very detailed, has an approach of an integrative style and would be a significant resource of reference to any podiatric practice."

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